Bipartisan Majority of Maricopa County Voters Want Prosecutor Candidates to Not Criminalize Abortion


Executive Summary

A Data For Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute poll shows a bipartisan majority of Maricopa County voters—including 71% of Democrats and 51% Republicans—are more likely to vote for a county attorney who pledges to not prosecute women for seeking an abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. 

These results make clear that Maricopa County voters want assurance from the next elected prosecutor in Arizona’s most populous county that they will not criminalize abortion. This is an issue that divides Republican incumbent Allister Adel and Democratic Challenger Julie Gunnigle. Both candidates have responded to ACLU Smart Justice questionnaires that asked: “Will you commit to not prosecuting either a doctor performing or a patient seeking an abortion should either or both ever become illegal in Arizona?”

  • Gunnigle committed that she “will not prosecute abortion in our state.” 
  • Adel said that, “As Maricopa County Attorney, I have an ethical and legal obligation to enforce the law, regardless of how I may feel personally about it.”