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Dear Friends and Allies: I hope this message finds you doing well under the circumstances. I am writing to share some very exciting news about The Appeal. As you know, our project focuses on the issues …

Amid a pandemic economy and record wildfires, is it time for a 21st-century Civilian Conservation Corps?

The original CCC might be nearly 90 years old, but the general concept still appears to have deep public support. A recent poll from Data for Progress and the Justice Collaborative Institute, both progressive advocacy groups, found broad bipartisan support for the concept. Seventy-five percent of likely voters said they’d support a new federal version of the CCC to plant trees and fight fires, including 74 percent of Republicans.

Austin at Large: Old Beliefs, No Longer True

We have new research, shared exclusively with the Chronicle, from Data for Progress and the Justice Collaborative Institute, showing that (to quote their polling memo) “Texas voters support community-­based investments in public safety as an alternative to policing.”

Legalizing cannabis

A recent survey conducted by the Justice Collaborative Institute found that 59% of Americans support the MORE Act, whereas only 20% oppose the bill.

More Places Are Naming Racism as a Public Health Crisis. Here’s How to Make That More Than Lip Service

“Declaring racism as a public health crisis is an important first step. Doing so acknowledges that racism exists and that government has a duty to dismantle the system of racism, instead of leaving the burden on individual victims of racism to file lawsuits,” the report states. “Yet a declaration, without more, is not enough.”

Racism a Public Health Crisis: Proposal for Governments

The report, “How Racism is a Public Health Crisis,” outlines racism as a system, and how it is present in education, law enforcement, housing, and healthcare, and provides recommendations for governments looking to declare racism a public health crisis.

Return To Sender: 56% Want USPS Postmaster DeJoy To Resign

A majority of American voters—including a sizable share of Republicans—believe Postmaster General Louis DeJoy should resign or be removed from his role at the U.S. Postal Service, according to new polling, as scrutiny has intensified on …

56% Want USPS Postmaster DeJoy To Resign

The Data for Progress and the Justice Collaborative Institute poll found 56% of respondents, including 77% of Democrats, 49% of Independents and 39% of Republicans, strongly or somewhat support DeJoy being removed from office.

Poll: Support for Legalizing Marijuana Is Bipartisan

Approximately six-in-ten likely voters say that the federal government should end marijuana prohibition and permit licensed businesses to engage in retail sales to adults, according to nationally representative survey data compiled by the progressive-leaning think-tank Data for Progress. Fifty-eight …

By The Numbers: Conservatives For Break-ups?

Republican voters are more likely than Democrats to support breaking up big tech companies like Facebook and Instagram, according to a study released Tuesday by progressive advocacy groups. Data for Progress and The Justice Collaborative, …

Is Kamala Harris a win for Silicon Valley?

Data for Progress and The Justice Collaborative, a progressive non-profit focused on reforming the U.S. criminal justice system, polled more than 1,200 likely voters in July and found that a majority — 54 percent — support or strongly support breaking up Big Tech.

New report finds majority of Americans support merger moratorium

Nearly 60 percent of Americans would support a moratorium on mergers for the country’s biggest companies during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report released Tuesday. The poll, conducted by Data for Progress and released in a …

Police reform, defunding, and abolition, explained

A recent political ad, sponsored by the conservative State Government Leadership Foundation, imagines the hellscape of a post-police Minneapolis. A terrified white woman jolts awake at 2 am during a home invasion. She alerts her husband. …

Opinion: Let Our People Go

I have been wondering what to say about the horror of Covid-19 behind bars. Much has already been written about the scale of the crisis, the moral argument for freeing people from prisons and jails, and …

Decarceration Nation #79: LARA BAZELON AND KYLE BARRY

Josh interviews Lara Bazelon and Kyle Barry about their new paper on releases from prisons and jails in California. Laura bazelon is a professor of law and director of the criminal justice clinic and racial …